Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Izaac at Camp Stanhope this week!

This is our car on the "Humpback Bridge" in Boone County last Thursday while we were 'touring' flood-sites and the railroad tracks.

Izaac apparently gave his mother, grandmother, aunt (Michelle) and Great-Grandmother a nasty little flu bug and all were suffering last night, so I went to Des Moines and retrieved the Little Toddler! His walking is getting more steady, but he resorts to crawling if he wants to race somewhere (or some-thing--like a kitty) because he can go at 100 mph!

He's not eating as well as usual, but otherwise seems to be in good spirits. He has started 'giving kisses' and it's really sweet. I'm hoping it's not as hot and humid tomorrow so we can spend some time outside. He did watch while I watered the plants tonight (after all that rain, now things are really getting dry around here--even the yard!).


Poppy Q said...

Hi Laura,
Come to my blog for a wee Friday surprise.

Have a nice weekend and I hope you get lots of sunshine to dry everything out.

Poppy and Julie Q

Jans Funny Farm said...

Hey, we read about you on Poppy's blog today and came by to meet you all.

purrs and tail wags

Tybalt said...

Hi! I saw you over on Poppy's blog and wanted to come over and say hi. Have a great weekend! Purrrs!

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