Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flooded field on 6/8, and today, dry and colorful!

Just a quick post to say the party preparations are going really well, with the pork loins and turkey breasts smoking in the garage (which give off heavenly smells throughout the house--yum) and a few odds and ends to finish before the fun starts
here on Thursday evening.

Kudos to my daughter, Samantha, (who's big 21st birthday is this Friday) who will be joining the ranks of the full-time workers in a couple of weeks in the Financial Aid Office at Grand View College (where she has worked a work-study job for three school years). She will continue to take classes and graduate a smidge later than originally scheduled, but tuition will be FREE!!!!!

Alex, on the other hand, will graduate next April with two degrees (well, he'd better, or I think his dad may do serious damage to him if he doesn't graduate by then), the original BSRN, and Psychology.

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