Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is a shot of most of the family at the Watermelon Day parade. From front left is: (Uncle) Pat Montag, (Aunt) Mary Montag, (John's mom) Jean Walker, and (Uncle) David Montag. Second row: Don and Ann Smalley, Fumi Montag, me, Peggy Montag (Boomer's wife), Kathy Hutchinson (John's sister), Samantha Walker (our daughter), Seth Montag (Boomer and Peggy's son) and Pat Montag (Boomer and Anne Weber's mom and Seth's grandma). Third row: John D. Montag (Uncle Pat's son, John's cousin), John Walker, Anne and James Weber, Boomer Montag (John's cousin, David and Pat's son), and Mick Hutchinson (Kathy's hubby). I think Maria and Claire were taking this picture because they aren't in it.

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