Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's edition of rain and outside kitties

Iowa is known as an 'agricultural' state (which would not surprise anyone I know, and probably not anyone in this country!), but I get a kick out of 'wind farms'. There is a 'wind farm' northeast of our house about 15 miles (as the crow flies, driving it might be a little farther).
At night, the tops of the windmills flash a red light (for the planes?) and most of the flashes are synchronized to flash all at one time, but there's a bunch of them that aren't flashing at the same time as the others now, so it's interesting. I can see them from the north side of our house on a clear night.

The 8-second video is from Wednesday afternoon after I got my front brakes replaced in Webster City. Just as I headed to my car the skies opened and an hour or so of torrential rain and wind ensued. I went as far as the next parking lot and sat for more than 50 minutes. I finally called (son) Alex and asked if he could look at the weather radar and find out if I was ever going to be able to see to drive!

The picture on the right is Mrs. 8:30 being the good momma she has shown us to be by cuddling one of the babies. (It was fairly early in the morning and it was an 'ahhhh' moment.)

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