Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday scenes: 2 Eagles and Train Bridge in Boone

Yesterday there were TWO eagles in the field in the morning having breakfast (8am-10am). They actually were 'chirping' at each other over the carcass. Then one stayed and ate for more than an hour and the other sat a little while but then flew away.

I may try and upload the whole series of pictures from yesterday on the 'flickr' site later today, including the video of them chirping/griping over who would get to eat breakfast (turn the sound up on this one because the chirping is fairly quiet from inside my house with the fridge noise in the background).

This is the construction of the new train bridge over the Des Moines River in Boone, (IA). This is actually the SECOND construction of the new bridge, from the view of a train on the old bridge (courtesy of the 'train man'-my hubby-John).


Anonymous said...

Very cool eagle pics! Wild kingdom right in your yard. Keep those kitties in!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I have never ever seen a real live eagle.. but hope to one day. Awesome pics.

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