Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ben's highlight video from his fabulous game 9/25/09

I was so excited to see the actual video highlights of my nephew's football game last week (he is a junior quarterback for Hoover H.S. in Des Moines) that I'm going to try and copy the link here.
The video loads from my computer okay, but hope it will for other people. It's 3:01 in length, so may take a little while to load (MOM!!!), but hopefully you can see it then. There's a rectangular button on the right side of the controls that will make the video go to full-screen for easier watching, too.

Not to much going on this week. I've been proofing/editing my pages for the new Church cookbook we're trying to get to the publisher before 10/13! Meeting tonight during NCIS!!! With new cable tv, I'm not sure if the video will tape anything. Oh well.

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