Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday after a Boating Birthday Party!

Most of our 'family crowd' made it to Little Wall Lake for my sister's b.d. party Sunday with some grilling for lunch and boating. That's John in the back grilling some dogs and brats and my mom with her back to the camera. The 'birthday girl' is next with the orange shirt, then Nhu (Michelle's buddy/roommate at Simpson) and Samantha.

In this picture Uncle Charlie is backing up from Izaac who is teasing him with some tongs, Marty (Samantha's fiance) in the middle and John taking stuff off the grill. We also had baked beans, deviled eggs and smoked pork loin that John had cooked on Saturday=yum! Michelle and I were also in attendance as was my friend, Kim for boating and eating fun!!

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