Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Izaac helping clean out my kids' rooms...

Izaac back here at "Camp" today after a couple of days in Des Moines. I took this picture last week when we were working on cleaning out Alex and Samantha's rooms (hey, they graduated college and moved out, so, I'm moving THEM on...).

That's a pair of Samantha's old glasses (it was fun to see Izaac try and walk with them on) and Alex's Ernie puppet. He found CARS in Alex's rooms and has had fun playing with them. I didn't remember Alex to be that much of a "car guy" but he has 100 or more lined up on shelves in his room plus some in bins under his bed!


Baumhover Adventures said...

what are you cleaning out of my room?!?! maybe i want it!!

Miriam Carlson said...

My kids have lost their rooms too - one is now the Oregon room and one the blue room. I made Sarah sleep in the guest room this summer!

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