Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Daniel Boone fan and a new lake across the road.

We watched a little "Daniel Boone" while Izaac was here, and these are the results. We had to dig out Alex's old horse, and he found a bag like Daniel wears (but I'm not sure what it's supposed to contain--gunpowder??--jerky??). He also can sing a verse of the theme song, too!

This was snow-covered about 4 days ago. Since it's rained and been slightly warmer this week, it looks like a small lake now!

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Anonymous said...

Did the theme song start out, Daniel Boone was a man, he was a real man? The Girl (our sister bean) used to watch that show when she was little!
When our Mom was in college, she had a class at Daniel Boone's real home in Missouri! She spent a lot of time walking around the same places that Daniel walked. Neato!

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