Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scene of the First Wedding!

We had been to Swan Lake in the past with small children on several occasions, but I didn't remember this particular shelter area. The view is beautiful, even on a cold, windy, and not-very-green day (last Friday). I'm guessing it's MUCH more scenic with the trees and grass/flowers in full spring mode at the end of May (but I still thought it was a really beautiful setting for a wedding!)

This is the garage-looking restroom area, located not far from the shelter house.

This is inside the shelter itself, and if worst comes to worst, you could sit inside the shelter at the picnic tables and watch the wedding from there!

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Annalisa said...

Hey!what a wonderful post, a lovely place for a wedding, love the scenery...
I have to tell you that I haven't seen your updates on my blog friends updates, and I am kind of upset cos I couldn't see all wat you posted in these days!Would have gladly commented on some of your posts, if I knew that you posted!Blogger sometimes doesn't really work properly, I guess I will now have to save your bog somewhere else in order to see the updates myself and not rely on blogger's blog list!
Love, and thanks for your lovely comment,

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