Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Controlled Burn" gets out of control today on the Prairie!

There are 79 acres of native prairie around our acreage, and today the plan was to burn the middle 1/3 section (the north strip east-to-west was burned last fall, and the southern strip is scheduled for fall, 2010). At 10:15am, I went out and shot a couple of pictures of the fire dying down. (These pictures are from 11:30-1pm.)

An hour later, it had jumped the firebreak and burned up a few more acres (not sure how many, but didn't get clear to our grass), and several Stanhope fire trucks made several trips for water before it ended after 1pm.

p.s.--Mike--doesn't the grass look nice in this bottom one where I used the new mower??? John says he can't afford green paint!!

1 comment:

Annalisa said...

Oh my...Every summer we have to assist to something like this, and it's horrible.
I hope they managed to put it out,
and that your wonderful nature there has not been spoiled.

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