Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miscellaneous pictures from last week...

When Izaac was at 'camp' (here) he went out after it rained in his 'boat' shoes and stomped in a few puddles. It's what great-aunt Wo-Wo lets him do!

I can't remember this little boy's name from the first wedding shower Allison and Danielle held for Samantha last Saturday. He's 8 months old and was smiling before I turned him away from his mom!

From the wedding shower last Saturday--yum.

Samantha bought a 'Barbie' fishing rod and caught this fish with Marty the other evening! yikes--that Barbie must be powerful!


Baumhover Adventures said...

his name is aiden and barbie is always powerful!!

Annalisa said...

:))) hehe, love the fishing rod, so chic!!!!:)
I wanted to tell you that I will post the cake recipe soon, I have read that you asked for it, so I will post it for you!:)

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