Sunday, February 17, 2008

All this water makes a guy thirsty!!

(Guest blogger=Izaac, now 9 1/12 months old!)

Uncle Johnny took a picture of me while I was bathing the other night. Drips of water came out of this thing once, so it became my goal to figure out how it worked. I tried sucking on it, and I did get a drip or two, but when Uncle Johnny reached over, I got a whole mouthful! I didn't even mind it was a little cold and went down my belly.

Everything is so fascinating at my age! I now follow the furry kids around (well, if they are laying within scooting distance, I go after them). I LOVE to open and close cupboard doors and drawers, and dig for stuff in them.

I LOVE the books Aunt Ann bought me for Christmas. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and The Hungry Catepillar are my favorites. Aunt Wo-Wo reads them to me until I'm tired of them. (I'm back in Des Moines today, for the blizzard weather!) Later now...

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23 Things said...

Hi Izaak--Glad you love the books. I have more for you if i ever get to the post office! Some Bob the Builder books that have two uses--as tools and as something to read. Uncle Johnny will like those!

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