Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The small human went home, now it's my turn for attention!

(Bogart Wrigley blogging today.)
This is my way of getting attention. I just sit here until mom gives up and tries to play with me (sometimes I will, and sometimes I won't). I LOVE to chase Noel (the weakest link) down the hallway, then back through the living room and around the desk up the stairs.

Noel is much faster than me, so she always gets away. That's part of the fun. The other day SHE chased me up the stairs and then came down without me and I looked for her for half an hour before I settled back into my fleece-covered rocking chair for another nap.

I HATE WINTER!! Apparently this winter is headed for the record books for amounts of snowfall (total inches-at least not at one time, but EVERY WEEK!) and cold. This morning when dad was driving he said the car thermometer read -19, and we have a "wind chill warning" because even though it's not that windy (and it can be WAY more windy most days out here in the weeds than any town!) the temps drop to 30-50 BELOW ZERO!!!! YIKES.

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Anonymous said...

mom, u need to get out more often

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