Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My daughter, Samantha, works in Financial Aid at Grand View College in Des Moines (while she attends school full-time, it's her work-study job). Yesterday the local Fox television station came and interviewed her boss, Michelle, due to the circumstances facing the Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation (Iowa's Secondary Student Loan Servicer).

Then they interviewed Samantha because she has student loans owned and serviced by Iowa Student Loan. (She won't have to pay on her subsidized loans until after she graduates, but WE are paying the Partnership loans to send she and her brother to college there).

When you get to www.kdsm.com click on the title of the video (not the picture, like I did) "College students worry about student loans", and you'll see her! I videotaped it, too, just in case it didn't show up on the Fox news page. She's famous!!


Anonymous said...

did ya have to put that up for the world to see??

23 Things said...

Hey, Sam, you looked and sounded good. I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

thanks ann....didnt even know it was gonna happen, guess its just all in a days work!!

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