Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel in Paraguay!!

This is a picture of our niece, Rachel Newby, when she was on her adventure in Spain (in fall, 2005, I think, but that sounds like a long time ago). She is now a Peace Corps Volunteer stationed in Paraguay and having many adventures!

I was looking for the picture of Rachel in her fancy dress at her mother's wedding in 2006, but, of course, when I want to find a picture of someone, I can't! I just cleaned off a whole bunch of stuff off of this computer because I'm getting more memory installed this week. oh well.

Happy Birthday Kid! We're thinking about you!!!! Samantha even downloaded SKYPE and had her camera/microphone ready in case you were on-line today. She was here, just passing through, and now on her way back to Ankeny for classes tomorrow.

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