Friday, May 16, 2008

Die weeds, DIE!!!!

That's Bogie asking why "8:30" is at the door again, since he doesn't live here!!! John used to call him midnight (black cat, and he came really late at night), but since he comes earlier now, he had to change his name.

We've been working in the yard this week because it's the first week it's been decent enough (not raining, freezing temps). I got a handle on the over-population of thistles last year (and a few leftovers this year), so I've started killing dandelions.

They sprouted in just a couple of days unbelievably! I tried spraying the yard with the hose (to simulate 'dew') and dragged the spreader behind the mower, but it kept getting clogged, so that was frustrating.

I got liquid concentrate weed killer and tried spraying, but the nozzle got plugged a few times (I now know how to fix this, even when it's under pressure!). Today we bought a bottle you hook the hose to, except I had to buy two new hoses to reach the west sections of the yard (remember, it's 3 acres), and the new hoses kinked several times while I was trying to spray. oh well.

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