Monday, May 12, 2008

Izaac again (because he's the cutest thing to take pictures of lately anyway!)

This is a picture of Uncle Charlie and Izaac having a heart-to-heart. I can't remember what they were discussing (it's been a couple of weeks) but when Izaac was younger, he was a little afraid of U. Charlie (we're still not sure why because U. Charlie LOVES kids) but now they are best buddies.

We ordered pizza and made some pies (I made Bear-chaser blueberry and fake cheesecake). Mom made her's all from scratch (as usual) and made apple and cherry. Even Alex and Allison were there because Alex had switched working with someone on Friday so he could be off work after 2pm. Allison graduates from Drake University Pharmacy School next weekend and has a job lined up in Wauseca, MN.

The 20-second video is from yesterday's Mom's day party in Des Moines. That's Izaac's mom flipping him, and my son, Alex, in the chair with the interesting hair.

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