Friday, May 2, 2008

Tanks and bridges.

The same guy who took the bridge pictures and John's picture on the train took these tank pictures on the train a couple weeks ago.

Today, in Ames, when I was in the quilt shoppe, an Amtrak train passed through town on the 'main line' that the freight trains usually use. Amtrak must be flooded out somewhere and detoured using the UP line today.

We've gotten quite a bit accomplished around the house and yard this week, thanks to the help of (son) Alex for making the sacrifice to spend some time with his 'aging' parents! I mowed and killed weeds and cleaned out the lilac bushes. John put a new screen door on at the garage entrance, replaced boards on the deck and replaced a 'throne'. Samantha came home Tuesday afternoon, too, and cleaned and vacuumed both her car and her brother's. ick.

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