Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Camp Stanhope logo on our garage door

My husband commissioned this painting (by Rachel Newby, our niece) for our 20th wedding anniversary, in August, 2000. This became our 'logo' for Camp Stanhope. (The name came from my mother-in-law, when, the first summer we lived here all three of her children ended up at our house at the same time, unplanned, so she thought I must be 'running' a camp.) This is a good picture to click on to see details. I am standing on the left side of the picture with a cake that says "20" on it and John is at the other end of the picnic table with a tray of burgers complete with his grilling apron on. All the Walker and Markey grandchildren (plus Jason Reynolds, our friend and old neighbor) are represented sitting at the table.
At the bottom of the door, there are drawings of our (then) cats, Puff and Queen, and the dog, (Chia), and the 3 pigs, because we are neighbors with several pig operations. My friend, Kim, likes to say the 3 pigs are her hubby, Ron, and two other guys, Dave Carlson and Steve Carlson. The boat is for my dad, since all the grandkids love to go boating. The parents of all the grandchildren, and grandparents are all on the boat, plus Aunt Mary and Janet Reynolds (our friend and Jason's mom). My dad is supposed to be at the back driving from the motor, but Mary claims that she is driving in the front with the steering wheel! There are also emu depicted (those gray heads showing on the right side of the door), because there was a farm of them just north of here (but they're gone now). There are corn stalks, of course, representing the farms around us also. It's a great painting!

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