Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hangin' out on a dreary rainy Sunday...

(Guest blogger today: Izaac) This picture was literally taken minutes ago, while Uncle Johnny was making his famous chocolate chip cookies and trying to make me smile--since every time I get really cute or funny, Aunt wowo gets out a camera (either the digital or the video) and I instantly get very sober and boring!
If she wants a performance, it's going to cost her!! We've had a great day, playing, sleeping, banging toys, talking, and watching Uncle Johnny very closely.
The cats are interested in Uncle Johnny's supper-something about salmon filets I think--and they keep sniffing the air to get closer to the plates. Those funny kitties. I like to watch the dog, too, even if it makes some weird noises sometimes. The dog came up the stairs and into my (Alex's) room at 5:15am this morning because it was thundering, but I didn't mind sharing, and went instantly back to sleep. later now... "Zaac"

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Anonymous said...

mom, ur insane. and u put him on the table??? how come i never get to sit on the table?? jk jk. glad to see you are teaching him how to use a computer already...he will need that later in life....and tell dad i want cookies!!

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