Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last, but not least, Noel....

This would be Noel, the 'weakest link'. We adopted her after Puff passed away, and are pretty sure she was mistreated in her first house. It took a LONG time for her to trust either one of us, even though she followed us around everywhere. Queen, of course, wasn't friendly, and ocassionally still bullies her around the house, She's actually quite lovey-now, at least with her 'pet adults'.

She's in the dryer, and yes, I re-fluff/de-fuzz the stuff after she gets out. Something outside attacked her late one night this past summer and we had to take our first trip to the emergency room with a cat (Iowa State University Vet Teaching Hospital in Ames) and they treated her well (she didn't like it either way). We're not sure she can see out of her left eye, but hasn't run into anything yet.

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