Monday, October 22, 2007

My corner of the world

These cows (and their friend, the horse in the background) are technically our closest neighbors here near Stanhope. The bull (the big one in-between the two females, with baby in front of the white one) arrived about a week ago. Last summer, the white and black cows were alone with the horse, but when the calf arrived this summer, the horse was moved to the other field.
This is a picture of our house from the road. The end room on the right is the one we call the "Prairie Room" because it looks across to the field and we are surrounded by native Iowa prairie, which can be quite pretty in summer. There are lots of coneflowers and different grasses and black-eyed Susans in there.
I noticed when I look at the blog page, you can click on an individual picture (and wait a minute) and it will show up larger for you. I then clicked on the 'back' button to get back to the complete blog page. (for the novices, like me, in the viewing arena!)

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Anonymous said...

great pic of the house

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