Monday, October 1, 2007

Picture of the near-back yard patch

I'm looking for input ideas for this area of our back yard that used to be all weeds (basically) and a viney thing that went up the old light pole (vine gone, pole staying). That is a birdhouse on the (original?) light pole, with a bunch of rocks beside it. There is concrete covering the old well, and the old water spicket sticking up there in the middle of the picture, so they're not going to be taken out. I'm not sure what kind of tree that is, but it's pretty in late summer (mostly red/green leaves). The only thing I've decided for sure is to repair (or replace if I can't repair it) the bird house on the old pole. Maybe a bird bath??

There's a small patch of clover (I think) trying to grow back on the far side of this patch, but think I could contain that (or kill it again). ANY SUGGESTIONS?? (those are two piles of burning in the background--those brown piles that I've been cleaning out 'suckers' and sumac trees around the acreage--but it's been windy or wet so I haven't gotten a chance to rid the greenspace of them)....later now..

Trainman left for work at 6pm Sunday evening.

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