Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'd rather sit here....

This is Noel in the box that came with my Christmas present (I picked it out and ordered it, and mom paid for it....we both like presents like that!). The container filled with their 'running' toys (from one end of the Prairie room through the hall, the kitchen and then the living room...) is close by, but none of them seem overly anxious to exercise this week (like me!).

Sunday afternoon was warm with no breeze, so I worked outside all afternoon, putting the deck garden pots away and filling the holes in the yard the tires of the garden tractor get lost in when I run over them. I even mowed the 'near 40' and the west. There were some leaves to chop up, too, but they are the most plentiful in the west patch in front of the lineup of pines for a windbreak.

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