Thursday, November 29, 2007

Train man with a train...

This picture was taken by another train guy in April of this year. We recently got a cd of pictures from him.

Observations of the ironic nature:
I went to the Ames mall last week, and several stores have changed and it was very interesting==the bookstore was replaced by a video/computer game store, and the cd music store has been replaced by a new and used exercise equipment store. This new exercise equipment store just happens to be next door to the only cookie counter in the mall, which made me laugh (so I hope no one else was watching).
Another observation is one I made driving home on a Sunday evening from Des Moines behind a fairly large SUV. It had a video screen large enough that I could make out the movie from my car while we were stopped, but the problem was I seemed to keep looking at the screen after I was driving again. Has anyone else been distracted by the entertainment in the vehicle in front of them? Maybe it's just me.... later now..

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