Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A trip to Sac City and Lake View

This is a picture of the cousins (except Patrick) who were in Chicago in August for Patrick's wedding. Claire, Samantha, Michael and Maria are in front, then there's Will, Katherine, Ann, John Dominick and the Trainman (Tag) showing from behind that first row. Still regretting we didn't get a picture of the "antiques" (the next generation up). If anyone got a picture of that crowd together, I'd love to have a copy.
Trainman arrived home at 6am, and we went to Sac City to visit and help with some 'technical difficulties'. We had a great lunch and chatted non-stop (of course!!). Trainman made peanut-butter mini-chocolate chip cookies when we got home. They were warm and yummy. later now...


Anonymous said...

u just had to put in that he made cookies didnt ya??

Anonymous said...

I would like to put an order in for a dozen more of those cookies that the trainman made! They were wonderful - even more p. butter chips would be great!! Yum Yum

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