Friday, November 30, 2007

Izaac and I attempt to be creative!

We went to the Hamilton County (IA) Extension office in Webster City last evening for a class on "making a wreath" with a few other handbell-choir players from church. It was actually fun, and Izaac was really good, but I just don't have that 'creative' thing in my brain.

Thanks to my neighbor, Vicki Hill (in real life and in this picture) for helping me to finish the wreath and make the gorgeous bow. I'll hang it later and take a picture when I get the pine cones attached.

Iowa is under a winter storm notice for tomorrow all day--the whole state! I was considering attending Samantha's Mary Kay party in Des Moines but have pretty much decided against it.

Uncle Charlie supposed to be going home this morning if everything progressed as predicted yesterday. He's doing quite well for what he's been through according to the doctors. later now...

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Anonymous said...


and im having another one next saturday if u would rather come to that one cause of the weather, maybe ill postpone this weeks anyway

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