Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poor Uncle Charlie!!

Uncle Charlie has been complaining about a pain (sometimes so sharp he can't lay down or even sit down) off and on for a month or so, and today he had an ultrasound (finally, he's had other tests, but mostly inconclusive) and it showed a gall stone plugging the duct, and for long enough that it was gangrene--yuk.

So my mom went and got him and drove him to the emergency room at Methodist and he got out of surgery (didn't even get wheeled to the prep surgery room until 7:45pm) about 9pm. The doctor said it was as big as an orange and icky, and they could get it out without a large incision, but apparently he couldn't believe U. Charlie was still walking around with that thing in him. The doctor told mom U. Charlie must be one tough bird!! I'm sure U. Charlie will appreciate that.

I think it's interesting that I guessed gall bladder when he told me his symptoms, and he's been to three different doctors with this pain trying to get them to believe him. Yikes. He'll be in a couple of days recuperating and getting antibiotics.

That's a picture of U. Charlie with Izaac on Sunday, October 29th at my mom's.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Uncle Charlie is right--yuck! Hope is doing well.

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