Monday, November 26, 2007

This is an attempt to show the gorgeous sunsets we can see from our house. (Picture taken by the train man one evening last week.) This view is looking southwest from our driveway past the neighbor's house.
The hot water heater died today. I had hot water this morning, but this afternoon, lukewarm and then cold. I called our very dependable plumber (that's not a joke, he really is good) and he just called back. He asked if there was a puddle underneath. He was here last month because water was leaking right at the connection from the heater, and he mentioned there was lime and rust build-up there and we were probably not even getting the correct pressure due to the clogging in the line.
He also said that water heaters usually have a life expectancy of about 7 years, and that one said 1999. I think he knew it was destined to fail soon. ouch. He won't be here until mid-morning tomorrow with a new one, so no showering tonight! oh well. Hope the cats don't mind...

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