Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Monday--and that **** dog, Oliver has gone home (posted by Bogart Wrigley, the cat, today)

Georgy can finally relax into a 'full Monty' this morning after a Friday night/Saturday visit from Alex and his dog, Oliver. (Allison ran a marathon in Chicago for the weekend!)
This is the room I chose to remain in even AFTER the dog had gone home! I don't think the dog can jump this high, either, just in case he IS still wandering about the house.
Georgy wondering what I'm doing in the dryer. Georgy says it's safe to come out and play again.
That small 'bean was here, too, with some other adults on Saturday to party for mema's birthday. That sticky 'bean has gotten bigger since last we met. He's probably not over chasing us, though!

(Izaac, Alex and Oliver)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ben's football game in Fort Dodge (Iowa) on Saturday!

My nephew, Ben, is a freshman attending Iowa Central Community College and playing football for them. He has a #6 on his back (there is another #6, but that guy has yellow shoes!) in the pictures.
Saturday, the weather was beautiful, and I went to his game.

During the game, when his team was on offense, he did this a bunch of times. (Holding up a sheet with a play number on it.)
He did get to play (quarterback!) about the last 5 minutes of the game. I took mostly videos of him at this point, and will try and post one here.
This, unfortunately, was the final score. Oh well. It was still a nice day for a football game!

Ben as the quarterback! 13-second video

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Monday...

Last Sunday (10/9) this little squirrel helped celebrate my niece's birthday (Michelle) in Des Moines in my mom's yard. He was really cute--but small!

These are pictures I took in Stanhope on 10/9 with the fall colors in the trees showing off!

Monday, October 10, 2011

More North Platte (Nebraska) Bailey yard pictures.

The corn maze next to the train yard for entertaining kids while the dads go up in the Golden Spike Tower?
During the bus tour through the train yard there were two demonstrations going. This one showed how the crane puts an engine back on the tracks.
This is a picture of the tour bus (not ours) driving through the train yard (with a train person in front in a pickup to clear the way!).
This was the other demonstration in the train yard--changing 'tires' on the train cars.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Trains, and the Bailey Train yard in North Platte, NE

Here's some pictures from the 'trains' category from our short vacation. This is the "Golden Spike Tower", where you can go to the 7th floor and look at the massive train yard in the open (no windows, etc.). The 8th floor in the tower is enclosed, but windows on all sides make for a great view.
This is the diesel shop, where the engines are repaired, updated, etc.
This is the switch engine, one of the only engines in the yard with a real person inside the engine to maneuver it.
This strip of engines (on the right, past the little switch engine) had come out of the diesel shop, and two weeks later ended up in Boone!
Where there are two train guys, there is train 'talk'!

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