Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Happy First Birthday Wyatt! January 30, 2019

From this little 'peanut' size when you were born...
I just put this one in because it's one of my favorites of my mom holding her newest great-grandchild!  (He was number 11, and another cousin, number 12, is due the first week of March!)
 To this little human being a year later!
 You have a smile that melts my heart.
 Bath time if fun time!
This was last weekend, when you were recovering from a tummy thing.... but you were still smiling!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Random Pictures from our Christmas Party

 All of our hand-knitted Christmas Stockings hanging from Samantha's (daughter) fireplace.
 Max (16 months old, son of Alex/Allison) taking a test drive on Wyatt's new fire engine.
 from left:  Grandpa John, Wyatt (11 months old, son of Samantha/Marty), Max, Olivia and Samantha.  (Allison is behind Olivia dealing with a tag in Olivia's "Frozen" leggings.)
 Wyatt, Olivia (will be 5 on Feb. 10) and Max on New Year's Eve.  (That's the weekend we celebrated Christmas.)
 Grandpa John, Max and Alex sitting around the dining room table eating something delicious!
 Wyatt, Olivia, Max and Allison on the morning 'after' gifts!  We were all tired!!
 Allison holding 'the boys'; her nephew, Wyatt (left) and Max.  They are a handful of adorable now, but I think they may be a handful of trouble some day soon!
Olivia, Samantha, Wyatt, Marty.  Alex is sitting on the couch and Mema (my mom) is sitting in the chair behind Marty.
A BIG thanks to Samantha and Marty for hosting the whole weekend at their big house in Des Moines!!!  

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