Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Well... WE MOVED!!! Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

 We hired movers--and I'm glad we did! They brought their semi truck because it was what they recommended.
 The shed in our new back yard.  I think those are a couple of old-fashioned rose bushes to the right of that green bush along the wall of the shed.
We strong-armed our son to come and help us move.... he and his dad enjoying the first day of sunshine we'd seen all week---something I specifically asked for (no rain!!!!).
The new kitchen (picture from the real estate site) at the new house. 
The "before" picture of only one room in the old house! 
We only moved about 7 miles north of the old house.... but this one is MUCH easier to get around (versus the 2-story 1920 house we lived in for the past 23 years!).
Alex and Samantha (our kids) trying to figure out where to start unboxing!

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