Saturday, August 30, 2008

Izaac practicing his driving skills in the Jeep.

I didn't have the camera out much while Izaac was here last week because he was very busy (read: non-stop running/energy). My tennis shoes got a workout!

He had several new experiences during his stay. One morning (Uncle) Johnny and the man who grew up in this house (and still lives nearby) got ladders out and picked as many apples off our 'wealthy' trees as they could reach. (Izaac nearly got hit by a falling apple while inspecting the process.)

Izaac also helped out (Uncle) Johnny water our small garden (and himself) with the hose, which seemed to fascinate him. I'm not sure whether it's the water or just aiming the end of the hose attachment he likes best.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Five isn't a crowd....

These are the 5 orphans snoozing together on the back porch. Usually only two or three sleep together (the combinations change every nap) because one of them won't be in the mood to nap, and end up just bugging their other siblings.

From left, that's the runt (still without a name), Gracie, Pat Hughes, Georgey, and that's Ron Santo in front. We kept calling 'yani' Ronnie, so as the die-hard Cubs' fans we are, we named the two that came BACK from Des Moines Ron Santo, who is the ginger boy with tuxie white chest and paws) and Patrick Hughes (who is the black tuxie boy).

Cubs fans will recognize these two names as the radio announcers for the Cubs. Ron Santo is a former Cub player also. I have to listen to the radio for most of the games and they are very entertaining, and won't be getting 'traded' to a different team, so we thought it was appropriate.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The corn patch and the Prairie

On the left is our very small but productive sweet corn 'field'. It was definitely successful (read: yummy).

On the right is a patch of 'test' native prairie on the edge between our yard and the rest of the native prairie planted in about 80 acres around our house. I have no idea what kinds of flowers these are, but they are pretty.

Izaac here at Camp this week and he and Uncle Johnny just finished watering the corn patch and the rest of the flower pots in our yard this evening, plus the newly-planted iris from Uncle Charlie's yard. Izaac and I spent the afternoon in Sac City with Grandma Walker (not actually HIS grandma), Mary and John's sister, Kathy. Lots of gabbing.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here is the whole kitten brood having breakfast together. The older 3 don't like it when the babies invade their bowls, so they eat in separate areas, at least for now.
You can click on the picture to see it bigger. I think that's the 'runt' at the top, then Yani & Tux (these are the two that came back to our house Thursday), George & Gracie.

I spent the morning mowing (it takes 3-4 hours on this 3 acres) and some of them watched out the window unless I got too close to the house. The two 'outsiders' have gotten back into the fold rather quickly, and it's been fun watching their 'gang' mentality ("where you goin'?--I'm goin', too, just in case it's funner than where I was goin'.")

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Now, we nap.

To show that Bogie didn't 'eat' Gracie, here is the picture of them sleeping about 5 minutes after the other pictures were taken.

To clarify the previous statement about the cats---I'm hoping some resolution of a new home comes eventually, also for the orphans. Especially now, since my niece is bringing the other two she had taken, BACK to our house (the apartment her friend moved into doesn't allow cats, but several people had them, so they thought it would be fine, but now it isn't....oh well.)

Bogie and Gracie-a contrast in size...

The picture on the left looks like Bogie is about to EAT Gracie, but in reality, he was just yawning big. Big is what Bogie does best. The picture on the right is when Gracie was trying to find a spot to sleep with Bogie.

The other two 'old folks' (cats) around here aren't as friendly to the 3 orphans yet, but I'm hoping with time they'll come around.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our first garden bounty!

Well, it isn't my FIRST garden here, but the two years I planted carefully, the birds and bunnies ate everything!

This year my hubby built 3 raised-bed plots. He put fencing on top and around the plots to keep the critters out. So, now the corn and carrots are delightful and tasty!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New pictures on the 'Flickr' site.

Izaac is VERY mobile, and quick on his feet, and an adventurer by trade I think. It was hard not to play with the kitties like they were stuffed animals because they were very interesting when they ran around!

Claire, Samantha and I have all added pictures of the Montag/Walker party, and the I-Cubs game and the weather, before and after the storms we had that week. Also, I added most of the Relay for Life pictures from 8/1/08 we took in Webster City. So click on the link in the upper right-hand corner of this blog, or click here.

My First Relay for Life!

I've never gotten applause for having been sick before, and it felt strange at first. I was walking with others on the 'survivor lap' during Relay for Life of Hamilton County (IA). (I was invited last year, but we were in Chicago.)

The diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer came on 6/13/06. It was not the 'standard' type of ovarian cancer, so it threw a whole set of oncologists scrambling for answers and a treatment plan.

I had surgery on 6/21/06, went home on 6/26 and started chemo treatments 7/10/06. They were 4 to 6 1/2 hours a day for 5 days in a row with two weeks off in between. There were four full weeks of treatment total. I spent a bunch of time in the hospital because I didn't do well with the side effects (it felt like permanent nausea, and lasted until November!). I feel great now, and don't have as many problems with my allergies as I did before the chemo (the only?? good thing about chemo??).

Last night, a jersey, autographed by Lance Armstrong was auctioned off for over $500. Just as important were some of my church buddies walking/baking/organizing for the event. They don't do it just for me, but I'm included in their display of names of people who have/had cancer. Their "Team of Hope" raised over $5000 in this little (but very generous and caring) town!

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