Friday, November 28, 2014

Miss Olivia's first Thanksgiving! November 27, 2014

 Even though she was in Wisconsin (and we didn't see her) Olivia apparently really enjoyed her first Thanksgiving feast.
Her attire was appropriate, too!  She's so cute, isn't she??

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Olivia pictures from last weekend November 19, 2014

Olivia enjoying some breakfast.
Olivia saying goodbye to her great-grandma Monday morning.
 Olivia and her dad (Alex) Friday evening during the supper hour
Olivia smiling for Gramps (John) Monnday morning before we left for home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A weekend with the Granddaughter! November 18, 2014

My mom had never visited Beaver Dam (Wisconsin) since my son and his wife (Alex and Allison) moved there a couple of years ago. So she rode with us this past weekend. Miss Olivia REALLY loved seeing mema (her great-grandma) again!
 Saturday morning she was pretty chipper, but has battled her first ear infection recently and had been up for a little while in the night complaining to her father.
This is how she spent part of Saturday afternoon, even after a 3 hour nap!  She loved snuggling with Great-grandma.
Monday morning and ready to rumble!  Olivia showing off her new snow boots (she lives in WISCONSIN--and they have LOTS of snow and Celebrate it!!).  She was feeling MUCH better on Sunday, but we didn't take nearly as many pictures as usual.... oh well.

Monday, November 3, 2014

New kitchen vinyl floor!!

John decided he could do this project pretty much on his own (I was only the 'go-fer' and helped with pushing the appliances around a little...), and he did a great job.
The old kitchen vinyl coming up off the floor....
 New vinyl unrolling.... 
The new vinyl is down, but not trimmed or sealed in these two pictures below.

There's some things that need to be done, but the appliances are back in their places and working but the rest will have to wait until he's got a little more time!!!

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