Sunday, March 31, 2019

My brother's 60th birthday party!! March 31, 2019

 This is our nephew, Joe, and his new daughter, Avery Jo.
 That's Elysce (Adeline, Avery, Ava and Asher's mom) with Adeline (in high chair) and Ava and my mom across from her.  That's my son-in-law, Marty, my hubby, John, and our daughter, Samantha at the table behind them.
 Elycse and Avery Jo (at Mema's after the party).
 This is our nephew, Ben (Joe's little brother) holding his new niece.
 The 'birthday boy' holding his new granddaughter for the first time.
 We are a little bit of a Cubs household so we had the party at the Iowa Cubs restaurant (Cub Club) yesterday.  It was fun and the view was nice.  There wasn't a game yet (opening day is April 9th!!), but it was still fun.
 The view of the ball park from the Cub Club.
 "Uncle Billy" (Audrey and Izaac's dad) with Wyatt.
From left:  Adeline, Elycse, Bob holding Avery Jo, Joe, Ben and Kylie (Ben's wife).
 From left around the table:  Audrey, Amanda (Audrey and Izaac's mom), Michelle (Harper and Reed's mom), Harper, Billy, Reed and Izaac.
 Grandpa John with Wyatt, who had just woken up from a nap.
 Samantha (Wyatt's mom, our daughter), holding Miss Avery Jo, and Elycse with Adeline making sure Avery isn't crying.
 "Aunt" Michelle (My sister, Shirley's youngest) with Wyatt.

Asher, Harper, Audrey and Shirley.  Bob and Avery Jo in the background.  I tried to get a shot of everybody in the blog, but think I missed Mema this time.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Well, this happened yesterday.  That's my mom with her newest great-granddaughter, Avery Jo. She makes 13 great-grandchildren for my mom!
 So, this is the standoff between our cat, Bogart, and the grand-dog, Stig.  They had their moments off and on during the day when Bogie decided Stig was just annoying..... so Bogie chased him a couple of times, but didn't catch him.
 This is how Stig entertains himself sometimes.... by putting his plastic ball into a cat cube and attempting to retrieve it.
 Bogie and Watson relaxing after a chase session (they were chasing each other but only in a fun way). 
Stig comes to get help when he gets stuck in the cubes.  It doesn't deter him from trying it again, however.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Wyatt weekend (last weekend). March 6, 2019

I got to spend some time with Wyatt just for fun last weekend  (at his house)... and it WAS fun! 
 He's so silly sometimes. I think he was practicing his 'spring layout' for my photo book!
 He's now 13 months old but not quite walking.
 He stands with pretty good balance, but gets places faster by crawling.
 We got him this small slide so he can have some fun inside in the winter weather we're still enjoying(?).
This is the firetruck my mom got him for Christmas and he LOVES the storage compartment.  He's stashed a diaper, his sippy cup and his toys in it so far.  

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