Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New 'store'...

This room in Grandma Walker's house used to be John's bedroom during the last two years of high school (which was a really long time ago!). Those are barn boards on the wall, and they don't look as ragged in person as they appear in this picture.
John and Marty spent the afternoon Monday installing a ceiling fan/light and new carpet for the floor.
Grandma Walker (Jean) is closing her fabric store after almost 30 years of being in business in Sac City (Iowa).

Monday, February 27, 2012

A touch of the white stuff last week...

Yes, I have complained about the last two unusually snowy winters, and now we've had record warm temperatures this winter.
Snow is really pretty when it isn't taller than your vehicle!

Friday, February 24, 2012

"Visiting" horses from the neighborhood....

We live in the country, but don't have 'livestock' of any kind! Yesterday afternoon when it started snowing pretty good, these guys galloped by, and then stopped.
I didn't realize their 'people' were coming at them from the other way in a pickup. The neighbor said her 13-year old son was doing chores and didn't latch the gate and the two brown horses (younger than the gray one) bumped it and took off, with the older, gray horse (Ben) following.
They were cooperative about getting their bridles on, and were curious about me taking their picture, but they followed the pickup back down the road.
The neighbor lady said two other older horses stayed put even when the gate was wide open... Wise on their part! We only live half a mile from the highway, and the visibility wasn't good at that time, so I'm glad they didn't get that far!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waseca (MN) to Beaver Dam (WI) trip

John spent the weekend helping Alex & Allison move!
Alex is student teaching until May, so he won't actually be moving yet, but Allison has moved to Beaver Dam.
They loaded up two trailers on Saturday and headed to Beaver Dam on Sunday. Fortunately, the weather cooperated (for February, that's a good thing!).

That's the two trucks (Allison's dad's blue truck and John's 'big red truck') making the trip to Beaver Dam.
I think this is a some kind of lodge in LaCrosse, but they didn't actually stay here. John was taking pictures out the truck window!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy (?) Valentine's Day!

I got my hubby (John) a little box of chocolates shaped like a heart for Valentine's Day. When he opened it, it was supposed to have 3 pieces of candy and only has 2! I know they're inexpensive, but you'd think somebody would have noticed it??
I'm the only one with a camera out (again) on Sunday, when Dad opened his 'kit' (the wall-hanging I'm working on, pictured in the last blog post), and this is the only picture I took until I needed to 'explain' what the gift was, and suggested DAD finish it--he thought that was mildly humorous... (That's my Uncle Charlie giggling at him on the loveseat.)
This was the scene last Saturday at my house while I tried to stitch (quickly) the wall-hanging. At least they weren't fighting over my lap (that's NOT helpful when you're trying to hand-sew!).
George & Gracie on the couch and Bogart on the 'train' (cat scratcher/toy).

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well, it's getting there!

I got it put together last week, and there's some stitching left to do (I've started on the tree and it's taking a long time)...
My dad's party is tomorrow (Sunday) even though his birthday isn't until the 15th. Well, it won't be finished, but I'll take it anyway. It needs backed and ironed, too!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chicago views from my nephew, Will

I have both a niece and a nephew (Will N. and Claire S.) living in Chicago, so I asked Will to snap me a picture now and then with his fancy phone and send them to me.
I think that tall building in the center is called the Presidential Towers (apartment building) near where Will works.
(above) This is the most recent one he sent taken from the "El" (elevated train) while riding to work. A really interesting block of buildings.
This is the first one I saw on his camera, and had to have it. He took it from above the "El" tracks (on a walking bridge) at an "El" station, looking towards downtown Chicago. (The tall, dark/black building on the far left side of the picture is actually the John Hancock Building, I think--and it's really pretty if you click on it to make it bigger!)
This was taken on a lightly-snowing day on his way to work. The street sign says "Canal St", so I knew it was from Will!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ray the raccoon, and Blake & Izaac at mema's last Sunday...

My dad has a habit of feeding the wildlife that wanders through his yard, including a raccoon he affectionately calls "Ray", and Ray's family, and the squirrels and the birds (he hates crows, though). For his birthday, I'm attempting a wall-hanging called "Winter Critters" from Quiltmaker magazine. I'll post a picture if it turns out okay! (This is "Ray"...)
Blake, always on the move, heading for Izaac, who's being teased by 'uncle' Marty last Sunday... (9-second video)
Blake on his mom's lap. That's Michelle with Izaac on her lap and Shirl (Michelle's mom, and Blake and Izaac's grandma) on the loveseat behind Blake and his mom, Nicole.

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