Monday, February 6, 2012

Chicago views from my nephew, Will

I have both a niece and a nephew (Will N. and Claire S.) living in Chicago, so I asked Will to snap me a picture now and then with his fancy phone and send them to me.
I think that tall building in the center is called the Presidential Towers (apartment building) near where Will works.
(above) This is the most recent one he sent taken from the "El" (elevated train) while riding to work. A really interesting block of buildings.
This is the first one I saw on his camera, and had to have it. He took it from above the "El" tracks (on a walking bridge) at an "El" station, looking towards downtown Chicago. (The tall, dark/black building on the far left side of the picture is actually the John Hancock Building, I think--and it's really pretty if you click on it to make it bigger!)
This was taken on a lightly-snowing day on his way to work. The street sign says "Canal St", so I knew it was from Will!

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