Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy (?) Valentine's Day!

I got my hubby (John) a little box of chocolates shaped like a heart for Valentine's Day. When he opened it, it was supposed to have 3 pieces of candy and only has 2! I know they're inexpensive, but you'd think somebody would have noticed it??
I'm the only one with a camera out (again) on Sunday, when Dad opened his 'kit' (the wall-hanging I'm working on, pictured in the last blog post), and this is the only picture I took until I needed to 'explain' what the gift was, and suggested DAD finish it--he thought that was mildly humorous... (That's my Uncle Charlie giggling at him on the loveseat.)
This was the scene last Saturday at my house while I tried to stitch (quickly) the wall-hanging. At least they weren't fighting over my lap (that's NOT helpful when you're trying to hand-sew!).
George & Gracie on the couch and Bogart on the 'train' (cat scratcher/toy).

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