Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ugh... the cat days of summer??

I edit an informational newsletter at our church, and yesterday I spent most of the day putting it together and attempting to make it look good....  with the articles and features the Pastor sends me.  My computer is in the family room, and whether I'm at the computer or not, the cats seem to run across the computer keyboard a few times a day.  
Since I apparently didn't notice that one of them had done this AFTER I had proofed the newsletter, I printed the pages and took it to church to try out the new copier/printer (it isn't brand new, but it's new to our church--and it prints REALLY fast compared to the last one).  (Queen is on the back of the couch in this picture above on my computer bag.... acting innocent.)
I had ALL the newsletters copied, stapled, taped closed and stamped before I put an extra copy on the bulletin board in the entryway of the church and discovered one of the critters had run across the keyboard and added '9080' to paragraph 2, PAGE 1 of the newsletter!!!  UGH!
oh well.  Did it have to be on PAGE 1??? (Gracie above and below looking non-chalant and wondering why I'm taking her picture.)
 Just for fun, these tomatoes came out of the garden this week.  The one on the right is "Cherokee purple" variety.
 It wasn't a great year for tomatoes around here (cold and wet in May, and DRY since then!)...but what we get still tastes better than the 'hothouse' grown tomatoes!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Queenie (our oldest cat) turns 14 years old!

Even though she doesn't seem to feel overly 'perky' some days, she still loves to play! She came from a friend's farm 14 years ago to our house in October (if I remember right). 
She likes this toy, but will play with her own tail in the chair if she gets in the mood for some fun...  (She prefers to play with this toy when the other cats aren't around.)  This is a 27 second video of Queen, the graceful 'old lady' of the family!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Even more vacation pictures.... Still missing the scenery!

 Alex and Allison venture out into Sister Bay on a jet ski (after a short lesson).
 Since it was the first week of decent weather there, there were tons of people boating!  
 While Alex/Allison were jet skiiing, we toured a couple of the other 'bays'.  This one was Bailey's Harbor.
 Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Peninsula Park sits on a bluff 76 feet above Green Bay's glistening water (from the description of the lighthouse....).  
 Allison and Alex enjoying the view from the top of the bluff near Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.
I think the island to the left is Chamber and to the right is Horseshoe.  Nice view either way!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

More vacation pictures--it's too boring around home!!

View from our motel room... Beautiful public beach near the marina in Fish Creek, WI!  
Goats on the roof of "Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant".  Great food and a live 'goat cam'.  Here's the link:  
A sailboat enjoying the water and the weather in Sister Bay, WI.  
Alex and Allison enjoying the beach at North Point near the car ferry to Washington Island (WI).

Monday, August 19, 2013

Door County, Wisconsin vacation pictures 08 2013

 If you can't read the sign in front of this 'Gilligan' looking boat, it says "PONY RIDES"!  Weird??  (We saw it while driving between Sturgeon Bay and Fish Creek.)
 One of the public beaches in Fish Creek, (WI) right across the street from our motel!
 John testing the water at the beach (Green Bay water) in Fish Creek, WI. 
 It's near the end of the "fish boil" in Fish Creek, WI.  Great food and a fun show besides.
Fish Creek Marina near sunset.  What a pretty evening!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Driving to Door County, WI 08 07 2013

 So this is the boys resting up for the next day's drive to Door County!  (John and Alex on their phones with Oliver on the floor just in case anybody wants to rub his belly, he's close.)
 We were going to be driving through Green Bay (WI) anyway, so I thought we might as well stop and look at Lambeau field (where the Packers play football).
 You can see this sign from the highway, but I took this picture when we were closer to the field.
 Door County, WI!  WOO HOO!!!
The first sight of Green Bay (water), on the west side of Wisconsin (on the east side of this peninsula is Lake Michigan).

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beaver Dam, WI Day 1 of vacation 08 05 2013

 Alex and Allison's dog (Oliver) went with us on a boat ride on Beaver Dam Lake.  He hadn't been feeling well before we arrived, and he still looks like he's not feeling quite right.
 "Pelican island" in Beaver Dam Lake.  It was crowded but they didn't seem to mind.
Beaver Dam Lake is MUCH bigger than the lakes that are close/available to us for boating.  

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