Monday, January 20, 2014

It's been a sleepy month for the furry children. January 20th, 2014

 Patrick and Ron (with evil-looking eyes), resting.
 Ron and Patrick, with Grace on the back of the couch, perfecting their resting habits.
 Ron found a sunny spot on the couch last week.
Patrick found a different place to snooze.
 Queen snuggling on a cold day.
 Grace (on top of the couch) and Queen, doing some more snoozing.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Observations on a frosty day! January 10, 2014

 Grace trying to decide whether to venture farther into the frosty yard or not.
 Frost covered EVERYTHING this morning.  It's 27 degrees outside, compared to zero yesterday.
 "Who, ME???"  Ron attempting to look innocent after whapping at Queen.
 Frosty view out the west windows. 
 Yes, Gracie did venture farther than she's been in a couple of weeks (due to the cold and wind in our neighborhood).
Gracie on her little walk-about in the yard this morning while three others look on longingly.  (That's Queen in the middle/foreground, Bogie on the right on the floor and Patrick on the left on the floor.)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blasts from the WAY past!! January 9, 2014

That's my Uncle Charlie holding me at about 6 months old in front of my Grandma's house in West Des Moines (Iowa).  The other two are my cousins, David (around 20 months old) and Margaret, 4 years old.  This was late summer, 1958! 
 Uncle Charlie had a couple of fancy cameras and took lots of slide pictures.  I made some of them into photo books for he and my mom for Christmas.  We three siblings were a favorite 'target' of his camera.  That's Bob on the left, Shirley in the middle and me on the right.  It looks to be about spring, 1962.
Looks like Christmas at my grandma's house, 1961.  Cousin David on the left, Bob, Margaret (cousin) and me.  (David & Margaret moved with their folks to Memphis in 1962 I think.)
Our little family before Shirley showed up!  Not sure whose house that was in this pose, but it must be fall, 1959.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The tire's a little low... January 5, 2014

 We went to the Fieldstone Inn for dinner last night with some friends, and really enjoyed the food and the lively conversation.
When we went outside to go home (only a few miles from our house), this is what we found.  The whole state of Iowa is under a wind chill warning until noon on Tuesday (Jan. 7th, 2014), so we bummed a ride home and I called roadside service today and had it brought home.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas in Des Moines (Iowa, last week) January 2, 2014

 Alex practicing holding a baby (their baby is due in late March!) with Harper on Christmas Day at Mema's house.  Harper is Alex's cousin's baby. (His cousin Michelle is mom to Reed and Harper.)
 The gorgeous table setting and decor!  (There was another table when we actually ate, too, to hold the remaining diners in the living room!)
 The crowd starting to gather... from left:  Dad, Mema, Shirl (my sister), Ben (my nephew), Allison (Daughter-in-law) and my Uncle Charlie.
 Izaac got one of his most-requested gifts!  His Grandma Shirley is on the left, and his Aunt Michelle is sitting in the chair on the right in the picture.
During gift-opening hour!  from left:  Shirley, Uncle Charlie, Mema, Ben and Michelle.

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