Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Sunday afternoon at Mema's!

My daughter, Samantha, bought a fancy new vacuum for herself so we made her bring it to Des Moines so we could all see if the news of its greatness was justified.

So, Izaac had a turn with the hose, cleaning whatever was in front of him! (In the above picture, Izaac, Uncle Charlie seated, my Dad in the doorway, Margie, John, and Shirley and Michelle seated at the dining room table.)

Friday, March 25, 2011

More dreary March-in-Iowa pictures

Looking southwest from the patio.

Georgy inspecting the bushes.

Looking northwest (from inside....).

A 24-second video of Bogart walking along the road, considering his options while watching the killdeer (birds) walking away from him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is fighting its way to Iowa...

Gheez. I knew there wasn't much going on worthy of a blog post, but this dreariness and dullness is getting boring.

Gracie (above) is sitting on the fence, waiting for the birds to fly into her mouth!

It was almost sunny for part of a day in this picture (above)--but I took it from inside because it was probably 35 degrees outside!

Noel surveying the patio (and beyond!) from her penthouse (upstairs window).

Noel's recovery from eye surgery is complete (I'm not sure-but it looks pretty good, and the Dr. said it was healing well when he removed the stitches).

The view from the patio door looking southeast on ANOTHER dreary day in March in Iowa!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Noel's 'penthouse' (her own rooms)

This is a tour of Noel's habitat. She stays upstairs at our house because she likes it that way! Here she is looking out onto the patio. (She sleeps in that flannel sheet on the chair regularly.)

I do leave the television on softly (and apparently she has a thing for "Little Joe"!).

Our bedroom is the half of the upstairs, which includes the bathtub/shower area on the other side of that wall just behind the t.v. She loves to race back and forth across the room, kicking up that area rug whenever possible.

This is Noel's dry buffet (she usually eats her 'wet' food in the bathroom on the counter or otherwise the fan dries it out too fast!).

Here's our closet, which we leave open, so Noel can get through to the other bedroom and look out a different window.

Noel also likes to hide/sleep up on that shelf in the closet some days, too.

Noel got her stitches out today and her annual immunizations and an extra shot for the sniffles she came down with at the end of last week. (Yes, kind Dr. Stribe decided to sedate her a little, but she came to before we left the office.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

A LONG Sunday drive...

We went to meet John's sisters at the Visitor's center in northern Iowa (the big red barn at the Lake Mills exit) to retrieve his mom and aunt Mary from their trip to Florida.

Across the parking lot from the visitors center is a Burger King (where the pictures were taken) and Diamond Jo's Casino (which we DIDN't visit).

We drove Mary and Grandma Jean (in the new tan van) back to Sac City and then home, about 335 miles. For that many miles we could have been all the way to Chicago from our house!! It was a long day, and everybody ended up at home!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miscellaneous pictures from the week!

This is the really beautiful bouquet of flowers that was sent by my daughter (and her deployed-hubby, Marty) for my birthday. I finally got around to dusting off the piano so I could take the picture!

Also this week, while looking at several different dealerships for a more economical vehicle for me to drive, we met a really nice (read: YOUNG, CUTE) guy who LOVES the Cubs (even more than me--well, he's more devoted, anyway). This is a copy of the picture I took with one of my Cubs' idols, Billy Williams, in a Schaumberg, IL, mall 10 years ago!

(I can't remember the other guy's name. I think he was a rookie pitcher, but the guy who was running this pillow store was impressed that I would KNOW who Billy was, and wanted my picture taken with BILLY!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Which one should we get??

I saw this car parked in Boone today with a 'for-sale' sign in the back window. I think it says 'Bel Air' on that silver panel.

This is the one we actually settled on today. I hope it works well!

This is the other van I drove (and it's a nice drive), but
it's a year older, rustier, not much difference in price, and
no 'bells and whistles' (extras... not as practical for me).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cat updates.....Noel's eye, etc.

Noel's eye was removed last Thursday at our favorite Webster City Vet's office and she came home on Saturday with it stitched closed and swollen. (The swelling has gone now.)

(The vet asked us if she was as mean to us at home (as she was to them in the vet's office--and she was wicked apparently!) and we told him no! We had warned him he might have to sedate her to examine her, even!! (He plans to sedate her when she gets her stitches out in another week...think I'll get her shots updated during this session, too!)

This is Bogey from behind, but you can see Georgy's ear above Bogey's neck on the left....

Bogey and Georgy LOVE to be close to each other. Sometimes Georgy pests Bogey until Bogey grooms him a little.

Then that nasty sister, Gracie, wanted to bug the 'boys'. Little sisters are so annoying!

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