Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Noel's 'penthouse' (her own rooms)

This is a tour of Noel's habitat. She stays upstairs at our house because she likes it that way! Here she is looking out onto the patio. (She sleeps in that flannel sheet on the chair regularly.)

I do leave the television on softly (and apparently she has a thing for "Little Joe"!).

Our bedroom is the half of the upstairs, which includes the bathtub/shower area on the other side of that wall just behind the t.v. She loves to race back and forth across the room, kicking up that area rug whenever possible.

This is Noel's dry buffet (she usually eats her 'wet' food in the bathroom on the counter or otherwise the fan dries it out too fast!).

Here's our closet, which we leave open, so Noel can get through to the other bedroom and look out a different window.

Noel also likes to hide/sleep up on that shelf in the closet some days, too.

Noel got her stitches out today and her annual immunizations and an extra shot for the sniffles she came down with at the end of last week. (Yes, kind Dr. Stribe decided to sedate her a little, but she came to before we left the office.)


Baumhover Adventures said...

wow, an entire blog devoted to ur bedroom. doesnt get much better than that

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

I just knew you were lonely for Noel and my bedroom! Thanks, kid.

Poppy Q said...

Noel, looks like you have a spiffy space with lots of hiding and sleeping spaces. I like to sleep next to the window too.

Poppy Q

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