Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cat updates.....Noel's eye, etc.

Noel's eye was removed last Thursday at our favorite Webster City Vet's office and she came home on Saturday with it stitched closed and swollen. (The swelling has gone now.)

(The vet asked us if she was as mean to us at home (as she was to them in the vet's office--and she was wicked apparently!) and we told him no! We had warned him he might have to sedate her to examine her, even!! (He plans to sedate her when she gets her stitches out in another week...think I'll get her shots updated during this session, too!)

This is Bogey from behind, but you can see Georgy's ear above Bogey's neck on the left....

Bogey and Georgy LOVE to be close to each other. Sometimes Georgy pests Bogey until Bogey grooms him a little.

Then that nasty sister, Gracie, wanted to bug the 'boys'. Little sisters are so annoying!

1 comment:

Kitty's Cradle said...

Ah, poor Noel! Here's to a quick recovery!

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