Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday, September 30th

My daughter looked at this blog last night and thought it was a little unorganized, and she couldn't find the place to subscribe (hopefully I took care of that this morning), so I will have her review it again and see if she needs to make any more adjustments (I thought it was going to be easier than the Facebook account she set up for me).

Trainman 17th this morning in line to go back to work. Some rain showers on the way to our house, so I won't be watering my "deck garden". Hopefully it will be nice enough tomorrow to work on killing another patch of thistles I found (hopefully it will be the last one before a really good freeze!!). later now...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

GO CUBBIES!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

The First Entry!!

I am creating this "blog" to allow anyone who is interested to peek into our boring corner of the world (we like it boring) without sending out e-mails just to clutter everyone's inboxes. My plan is to upload some pictures along the way to make it more fun. There will be pictures of the cats (Queenie, Noel and Bogart) and the old, arthritic dog, Chia, who still intimidates people pulling into our driveway. My favorite subject of late is my great-nephew, Izaac (5/5/07).

The trainman just called and is heading home from Boone now (8:45pm Saturday evening).

I spent a lovely (windy) day in Sac City with Grandma W. and Mary and attended the Sac County Quilt Show at the Fairgrounds. There were over 350 quilts (according to the lady at the door) and many vendors/quilt shops selling kits, patterns, notions, and fabric. There were some beautiful quilts (and a few I didn't care for) and they had a good turnout.

Friday I was in Des Moines. Alex doesn't have a job at the moment but will re-take the CNA exam to obtain a current license so he can GET a job! So he and I went boating with my dad's boat on the Des Moines river (at Birdland Marina). It hasn't been working perfectly, and dad had it at two repair shops this summer, so this was a last chance/boat test for us. We actually drove one of his little (old) boats down, in case we got stranded on the water, so dad could rescue us if we couldn't get the motor started again. The water was really peaceful (like glass) and it was a pleasant day in the sun. There were rowers on the river yesterday also, practicing for a big Regatta (today).
I also attended the Hoover High School (Des Moines) homecoming football game, and the Freshmen game prior to the varsity game. I had both a niece (Shirley's daughter, Michelle) and a nephew (Bob's son, Joe) in the Homecoming Court, and they marched across the field at half-tmie. Ben (Joe's brother) played in the Freshman game and was quarterback in part of it, completing several passes (one for a touchdown!!). later now...

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