Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday, September 30th

My daughter looked at this blog last night and thought it was a little unorganized, and she couldn't find the place to subscribe (hopefully I took care of that this morning), so I will have her review it again and see if she needs to make any more adjustments (I thought it was going to be easier than the Facebook account she set up for me).

Trainman 17th this morning in line to go back to work. Some rain showers on the way to our house, so I won't be watering my "deck garden". Hopefully it will be nice enough tomorrow to work on killing another patch of thistles I found (hopefully it will be the last one before a really good freeze!!). later now...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laura!

Just got your email so am trying this (i've never done this). Your nephew is really cute! That was a good picture with your mom.

I hope it rains more. Ron needs to do a few things. We went to church in Ames with Ross & Missy then had pizza at GEORGE'S! Yum Yum! We don't see them much.

Hope this works out! "Purple Lady"

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