Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas presents 2010

I LOVE this picture--given to me by my son and daughter-in-law! I'm a Cubs fan--so this is perfect! (Both Ernie Banks and Jack Brickhouse are credited with saying this about the Cubs...)

Joe in his new Iowa sweatshirt....(my nephew)

Izaac with his new tire pump--Great Grandma Markey gave him so he would quit messing with Great Grandpa's old one.

Ben and Joe with Izaac's new Sponge Bob table and chairs (Ben and Joe are brothers-and my nephews).

Joe helping Izaac open some presents.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It WAS a Merry Christmas!!

'Over the river and through the woods' (Briggs Woods!) to Grandmother's house we go.... that's what happened on the 24th. White-out snow conditions and slow-going, but we made it!

Samantha opening her Christmas sock gifts and posing for her dad (it's HER camera he's holding, though!).

I think there should still be some 'childish' fun things to do---even though ALL the grandchildren are over 21 at this house!!!

Will shows off the gifts he received in his Christmas sock!

Lucy, licking her lips after enjoying her Christmas tuna treat!

Will (who spent 5 months this year 'studying' in Australia!) helping re-attach wallpaper to Grandma's wall guidance and direction from his mom (Kathy).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Izaac 'practices' smiling!

I hadn't taken a picture of my great-nephew for a few weeks. Getting him to smile was a little bit of a challenge!

This house is in my old neighborhood (in Des Moines, near my mom's) and its lights are synchronized to music. (It may not be as deluxe as others, but it's sure fun!)

Here is the 30-second video if you'd like to enjoy both the view AND the music.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's going to be White Christmas here!!

We didn't try putting the Christmas tree up this year after it suffered so much abuse from the 'furry children'. This is about the extent of Christmas decorations...(there are several snowman on my shelves over there on the right in this picture).

Gracie enjoying the bright sunshine from the family room window this afternoon.

I should have taken this picture while it was still sunny-but other things took a priority (I have no idea what at this minute!--), so the sun has started to go down in this picture--of how much snow we have at the moment--only about 3 inches at most.

That would be Georgie, also enjoying the sun today during his afternoon nap.

This brass leaf thing has been grace with lights, too. We liked them so much last year (in white), we left up until summer!

Gracie--saying--"Mom, what are you bugging me for?" I'm trying to snooze!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Christmas Tree in Chicago!

I LOVE Chicago, but have never been there during the Christmas season. This is a link to the decorated Christmas tree in front of the Hancock Building. It's beautiful!

It's a live view of the tree, and the short time-lapsed video of it being decorated is fun, too!

These are a little out of focus, but we only had a couple of inches of snow with the horrendous wind and cold. Lucy just about looks like a raccoon out there instead of her calico self!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bogie takes over Marty's treat box!

Bogie took over the box I was going to pack and send to Marty in Afghanistan last night! Grace apparently is waiting her turn to tryout the box.

Lucy tried to 'persuade' Bogie to let her have a turn by biting him a little....

Gracie got her turn finally!

When I put the box back on the table (overnight it got pushed onto the floor-so hopefully Bogie wasn't in it then!), Bogie climbed right back in, and curled up and went to sleep--where he remains!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Samantha's animals on a blizzard Saturday...

Ron (Santo) and Pat (Hughes) cuddling near a heat vent at Samantha's house while the wind blows and the snow is piling up!

Emmitt sitting in the middle of the recently-vacuumed floor!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The elusive red-tailed hawk--and furnace heat!!!

Yes, today is the first really cold day (since LAST winter) and it's 64 again in my house because the furnace is 'acting up'! The furnace guy assures me that sometimes it takes a few 'adjustments' before it doesn't need 'personal attention' again, but this is getting "RIDICULOUS"! (as my dad would say--re-dik-uh-lus!)

This hawk seems to know when I've got the camera ready--because he flies into a tree near the house, but as soon as I get to the door to get a clear photo-he takes off!

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