Friday, December 25, 2015


 Miss Olivia in her festive dress at church a couple of weeks ago (in Minnesota).
 My two great-nieces, Audrey (will be 2 on 2/20) and Harper (on the right, turned 2 on 10/29/2015) having a cup of red koolaid at mema's after a play-session a couple of Sundays ago!
 We weren't supposed to have a 'white Christmas' in our neighborhood, but I think the weather people got this one COMPLETELY wrong!!!!
 We got a couple inches of slushy stuff on Wednesday, and it snowed most of the day yesterday and we ended up with about 6 inches of the white stuff (on top of some really icy places underneath!).
The trees are frosty and it's foggy here this morning, but it's definitely WHITE!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cousins gathering together on November 12, 2015

 Olivia (our granddaughter) with her Aunt Sam, and Harper (Michelle's youngest, my great-niece).
 Michelle, Allison, Shirley, Sam and Mema (adults from left to right).  Harper, Olivia and Reed (Harper's older brother) are in the center of the room.
 Olivia and Aunt Sam practicing 'selfies'.....
 Harper (turned 2 on 10/29), Olivia (21 months) and Anthony (Brian's youngest-who turned 2 in August).
 Michelle and Olivia taking a 'selfie'...
 Olivia playing at mema's with a shirt from Uncle Marty that says "Too cute to throw back" (with a fish in the middle of the t-shirt!).
Olivia hugging a reluctant Harper.
Samantha with Reed practicing their 'cheese' grins for the camera!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween pictures of Olivia and her cousins November 1, 2015

 My niece, Amanda, and her two kids, Izaac (who went as the Big Bad Wolf, but the mask scared his sister!) and Audrey, who went as Little Red Riding Hood.
 My nephew, Brian, and his son, Anthony, as 'minions', Izaac and Brian's older son, Blake, who went as a Ninja warrior.

 Audrey and her cousin, Harper, who was a candy-corn witch (hat somewhere else at the time of this picture).  Behind them is Izaac and Audrey's dad, Billy.
Miss Olivia (our granddaughter) as a 'pink' turtle, with cape, green pants and her favorite pink cowboy boots!
 Olivia's cape..... going to a door for trick or treats.
Anthony (minion), Reed (Michelle's son) as a power ranger, Izaac minus the wolf mask, Blake (ninja) and Audrey.  Harper didn't cooperate for picture-taking apparently.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Random fun pictures for the end of August, 2015

 Miss Olivia (now 18 months old!) sporting new Nikes and trying to tie them, too.
 Alex (on the phone) with his daughter, Olivia, and grandpa John reading a book to Olivia.
Miss Olivia LOVES bathtime and dad always plays tunes to make it more fun.
 Harper (22 months old)  pushing the stroller, while her mom (Michelle) waits for her to get in the car to go home... her grandmother (Shirley) is on the right side of the car down mema's driveway.
 Miss Audrey (also 18 months old) posing for the camera at mema's (great-grandma Lenore's house) yesterday.
Olivia playing with shaving cream at day care last week.  Looks like she had fun!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Nine inches of rain, and it's still raining! August 28, 2015

 In Randall (Iowa) when I drove through to go to the store.  Yikes.
 Highway 69 north of Ames (Iowa).
My "lake" on the east side of the house in front of the corn field.  (The corn is REALLY tall!)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Grandma Jean MOVES!!!! August 23, 2015

 This is an "after" picture of the new apartment.  It looks pretty good.  (Grandma Jean on the left and her sister, Mary, on the right.)
 The bedroom in mid-finish, but looking cozy with pictures on the wall.
 The 'before' picture of the living area.
The 'after' picture from a different angle to show the kitchen and new refrigerator.  I'm sure it will be an adjustment, but much easier to maintain (and get around) than that big, OLD house of hers!

Friday, July 24, 2015

A tree topples in Des Moines... July 24, 2014

 Even though they didn't get any rain, a storm was close and the wind came up suddenly about noon today and this tree uprooted in my mom's yard and fell against the fence and her neighbor's house.
This view is from the fence between houses, where the tree fell and covers the back of the neighbor's house.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Webster City, Iowa, Welcomes R.A.G.B.R.A.I. Riders! July 21, 2015

 People come from all over the world to ride their bikes across Iowa together for one week in July for the past 43 years.  (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa)
About 15,000 bikers make their way on the designated route, and this year one of the towns they rode through was just a little north of our house.
 Food stands and entertainment were available as well as some shade and encouragement from the locals.
 If I ever go on this ride, this would be my choice.  (The back seat rider wasn't pedaling much of the time and it looked easier on the rear end!)
Not sure why this skeleton is taking the back seat on this tandem, but it was interesting.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Party at Mema's on the 4th of July!!

 My daughter (Samantha) with her cousin Michelle's kids (Reed and Harper).
 My cousin Margaret's hubby (Tim) and my brother, Bob.
Our granddauhter (Olivia-17 months old) enjoying the coupe car!
 The crowd before lunch of steak and numerous side dishes!
 My niece, Amanda, with her daughter, Audrey, and our daughter-in-law, Allison, with Olivia.  Audrey was born 10 days after Olivia.  They're both adorable!
 Audrey and her big brother, Izaac (who is now 8 years old!).
 John and my cousin, David, solving the world's problems....
Olivia playing in the grass.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Olivia visits Iowa!! July 5, 2015

 Olivia (17 months old) playing with water on our deck on 7/3/2015.  Her grandpa John and Great-Grandma Jean are behind her.
 Olivia's dog, Oliver, visited our house also this weekend.  That's Great-Grandma Jean (right) and Great-Aunt Mary at the table watching Olivia having some snack crackers.
Allison, Olivia, and Alex in our back yard enjoying the weather and the 4th of July!

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