Friday, February 24, 2012

"Visiting" horses from the neighborhood....

We live in the country, but don't have 'livestock' of any kind! Yesterday afternoon when it started snowing pretty good, these guys galloped by, and then stopped.
I didn't realize their 'people' were coming at them from the other way in a pickup. The neighbor said her 13-year old son was doing chores and didn't latch the gate and the two brown horses (younger than the gray one) bumped it and took off, with the older, gray horse (Ben) following.
They were cooperative about getting their bridles on, and were curious about me taking their picture, but they followed the pickup back down the road.
The neighbor lady said two other older horses stayed put even when the gate was wide open... Wise on their part! We only live half a mile from the highway, and the visibility wasn't good at that time, so I'm glad they didn't get that far!

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