Monday, March 3, 2008

Izaac with new front (top) teeth.

If you click on the picture I think you can see them a little. I got to see them when he was laying down (for a 'change'). You can see three all the way through on top, plus the edge of the fourth one in the middle in front.

That's his Aunt Michelle, whom he LOVES, because she's so fun. He spent the night at 'aunt' Samantha's Saturday night just so they could 'hang' for the day and evening.

The trip to Des Moines was literally a 'breath of fresh air', because they had the windows open and it got to 62 degrees. By 4pm, it had dropped 10 degrees, and the rain started about 5pm. I drove through heavy rain more than half-way, then slush for about last 10 miles. The wind was gusty, too. It was 32 when I drove into my driveway.

Now everything is covered in ice this morning--big crunchy ice.

1 comment:

Poppy Q said...

Oh they are so cute. I bet your boy loves his pretty aunty.

My mum has a niece and nephew = they call her Aunt Ju and love her lots too. Even if she makes them hold her hand to cross the road and won't give them money for video games.

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